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Hand-painted character nails just for you!
Made to order and sized to fit your nails. New customers can order a sizing kit in advance of production or you can provide your own nail measurements. Creation of your set will begin as soon as your size measurements and character choice have been received. If you would like to customise your design to add a personalised touch you can list your requests in the 'additional delivery notes' section of your checkout cart, please note price listed is for 1 character and extra design elements may incur charges if more time is needed for creation. (If you would lie to discuss your design ideas feel free to email or send a message on social media to discuss further). 
Approximately 14-21 days for design creation, followed by postage time to your local area. (Arrival time can change due to postal delays and complexity of your set). 
If you require your nails by a set date feel free to contact us to arrange or quote express delivery.
Every set is unique and one of a kind, any design can be created so let your imagination run wild. The images shown above are examples of what you might like, but all sets can be customised with different characters to suit your style. 

Packages includes:
Your 12 custom nails (2 extra nails included)
Nail file + orange stick to push back cuticles
Isopropyl alcohol cleansing pad
1 set of sticky tabs (nail glue on request)

Please ensure to list your choice of character in the 'additional delivery notes' section prior checkout. If you forget or have further comments send an email to 

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