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I am often asked why I don't have a YouTube?!.And well, I do! I don't regularly upload, and the reason for this - people pay for my classes. I don't want to give away all my secrets on YouTube, it just would not be the right thing to do by my students.This is another huge reason why I would like to start offering online classes, so as anyone, wherever they are in the world can have access to my classes, at any time or place!...

July 21, 2018

Get Buffed Website has arrived!

The official Get Buffed Website is finally here!...

July 20, 2018

My Classes

Get Buffed Classes. Recently I have asked some prospective students, what they as individual learners want from a nail class with me. Firstly I took a poll, and an overwhelming amount of you are looking for ONLINE classes!  Which surprised me a little bit, but I can completely understand in the fast paced society we live in right now, time is of the essence! And travelling to a nail class, for some people is just out of the question. So what will I do with this new information? Ok.. Well I ...

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